Where imagination meets design


In this place where art meets design, timeless creations come to life, ready to inspire the imagination. Precious porcelain, refined furniture and home accessorize illustrate the Atelier's creativity. The decorations play with shapes and turn everyday objects into multiples of art. The world of Fornasetti floats between imagination and reality, enriched by cultural references and artistic allusions. This is why a Fornasetti object is not simply something to possess, it is something to live and be inspired by.

“It is as if Fornasetti repainted all the existing world”.

“I believe that one day, when he was young, Fornasetti must have had a truly startling vision. I don’t know if it was during the day or the night, but suddenly he must have seen the whole world explode in the air, the whole world and all of history and all the accumulation of its figures, memories (…) flew into the air and finished up in an infinite, opaque cloud full of debris”.

Ettore Sottsass

At the Fornasetti Atelier the oneiric dimension takes the shape of furniture and surfaces become canvases on which to depict parallel worlds.

The decoration is superimposed on the form and the form inspires the decoration, in a continuous interplay that challenges conventions.

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