Fornasetti transposes its sophisticated visual imagery into the dimension of the intangible with its fragrances, for the home and for the person.

Each fragrance evokes a story in which the collective memory of Fornasetti's universal, archetypal images is intertwined with the intimate, personal memory of anyone who makes the story their own by lighting one of the candles or wearing one of the perfumes.

Fornasetti perfumes are an invitation to leave space for the imagination, in a sensory experience that transcends the dimension of time. The fragrance thus becomes an opportunity to stop the flow of minutes, to kindle a memory, or to capture a moment to remember for the future. The only logic is that of the dream.

Fornasetti candles are creations to be preserved and handed down, destined to live multiple lives and to be rediscovered over time as objects of inspiration.

Design and fragrance meet in a sensory experience where time seems to stand still.

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Fornasetti perfumes are created from the Atelier’s defining secret. Fragrances that stop time from being time, to become fragments of memory from an evoked future.

Decorations and fragrances are snapshots that evoke an intimate, subjective, and timeless story.

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