There is a clear reverence for marble and precious stones in Fornasetti's obsessive exploration of reality, where his free-spirited, dreamlike designs cross between the natural and the surreal. Since the 1950s, green malachite with its black, sinuous lines has been one of the most hypnotic and elegant icons of the artist's creativity. Now for the first time it meets Fornasetti’s muse, Lina Cavalieri, whose enigmatic gaze emerges from a keyhole. A game of illusions that enriches the Fornasetti furniture and furnishings collection with a classic yet modern aesthetic.

The collection of Serratura su Malachite furnishing accessories transforms everyday actions into poetic and unconventional moments.

Trays, paper baskets, bookends: unique pieces that are hand-decorated in accordance with the artisan tradition of the Milanese Atelier.

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