C’est la revolution! The naiveté of Marianne, child of the French Revolution, inspired a new Fornasetti decor. Her stern stare will capture the hearts of French conoisseurs, in view of the upcoming exposition.


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FORNASETTI Theatrum Mundi

Parma, Complesso Monumentale della Pilotta
3 June 2020 – 14 February 2021

An evocative journey in search of classicism through the lens of contemporary design, establishing a dialogue between the Pilotta di Parma collections and the boundless creativity of Fornasetti

Every piece by Fornasetti transforms the place in which it is situated, endowing the space with a dreamlike dimension. This is the starting point for the dialogue between the architecture and artworks of the Complesso Monumentale della Pilotta in Parma and Fornasetti's creations. A network of references and allusions that give life to a “theatre of the world”, as the term was understood in the sixteenth century: an encyclopaedic vision of knowledge that leaves the imagination free to understand, reconstruct and interpret the world. An idea that has a deep affinity with Fornasetti's creativity.
A truly layered journey between the classic and the modern, between past and present, perfectly attuned to the theme of Parma 2020, an event that celebrates this city as the Capital of Italian Culture: “Culture is the beat of time”.
The exhibition has at its heart the Farnese Theatre, a scenographic piece of seventeenth-century architecture, and is organised according to the main themes of Fornasetti: from the reinterpretation of ruins to architecture, from music to drawing, by way of graphics, collecting, variations on a theme, everyday objects and the dimension of illusion.


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FORNASETTI Inside Out Outside In

Artipelag, Stockholm
14 June 2019 - 26 January 2020

Through a chronological journey, the exhibition reveals the richness of Fornasetti's imagination and that constant movement, Inside Out Outside In, which characterises his fluid and borderless creativity

The FORNASETTI Inside Out Outside In exhibition is promoted by Artipelag, a new Swedish museum complex for modern and contemporary art, and encompasses Fornasetti's full output, from paintings to drawings, from graphic art to furniture, from design objects to installations, in a survey that shows all the faces of Piero Fornasetti and the entire production of the Atelier, right up to the contemporary work of his son Barnaba.
The artistic figure of Piero Fornasetti, multifaceted yet known primarily on the global scene for his contribution to the design sector, is unveiled in all its complexity, revealing how his work spans a variety of artistic disciplines. In an exhibition arranged to interact with the museum's architecture, what emerges clearly is the richness of his imagination and that singular method with which technical competence is applied to express a personal vision and to depict reality. In a bidirectional and almost never-ending movement, from imagination to practice, which remains a central feature of Fornasetti's entire artistic oeuvre.


Practical Quotes. Fornasetti at Palazzo Altemps

Museo Nazionale Romano - Palazzo Altemps, Rome
16 December 2017 – 9 September 2018

“Practical Quotes“ is the ironic juxtaposition of more than 800 objects and designs from the Fornasetti Archive and the permanent collection of ancient art of the Museo Nazionale Romano hosted at Palazzo Altemps

Fornasetti interacts with the spaces and the sculptures of the Museum of Palazzo Altemps to mark the celebrations for its twentieth year of opening to the public.
An interchange, at times bewildering and irreverent, learned and cultured, between the Museum's permanent collection of ancient art and the objects designed by Piero and Barnaba Fornasetti, eclectic explorers of everyday life.
The exhibition itinerary begins outdoors in the courtyard and unfolds through the rooms of the museum, where Fornasetti's timeless works emerge amongst ancient sculptural masterpieces and Renaissance decorations.
The six-meter high backdrop depicting the work “Follia Pratica“ (“Practical Madness“) surrounds the sculptural group of the “Dying Gaul“ like in a scenic setting. A colony of ceramic cats appears lazily crouching on the remains of ancient walls, and the Fornasetti trompe l'oeil ruins alternate with real relics in an interplay of allusions.
“Practical Quotes“ is an invitation to wonder ironically and freely, just following the imagination.

PROMOTED BY Museo Nazionale Romano AND Electa



The Dongdaemun Design Plaza in Seoul houses the first Asian stopover of the “Fornasetti Practical Madness” exhibition including more than 1.300 pieces from the Fornasetti archive in Milan

The exhibition layout takes the visitor through a path starting with a selection of iconic Piero Fornasetti’s objects as the trumeau, screens and tables. It continues with the debut as printmaker in his workshop of artist’s books and through a selection of his paintings. The collaboration with Gio Ponti was an encounter that proved very important. Together they imagined complete interior design and decoration solutions for private homes, ocean liners and casinos. The exhibition unveils also the multitude of motifs Fornasetti applied on porcelain’s objects, umbrella stands and trays. The “Tema e Variazioni” room hosts the most iconic Fornasetti’s décor, a cascade of plates hanging on threads like “mobiles”. The exhibition ends with the contemporary and recent works by Piero’s son, Barnaba.




Musée des arts décoratifs, Paris

Presented in the main Nave of Les Arts Decoratifs, the exhibition "Piero Fornasetti: the Practical Madness" is a collection of more than one thousand pieces by Fornasetti (1913-1988) retrieved from his incredible archives

This retrospective exhibition is a portrait of this creator who was a painter as well as a decorator, a printer and a publisher, a collector and a merchant. In the theatrical decorative universe of Fornasetti, the subjects imbued with poetry and imagination play with optical illusions, metaphysical landscapes, figures drawn from the comedy of craft and enigmatic and lunar faces depicted in multiple variations. Piero Fornasetti paints scarves as well as furniture with his motifs, but also walls and screens, plates, trays and umbrella stands. In particular, together with the architect Gio Ponti, he imagined complete interior design and decoration solutions for private homes, ocean liners, casinos.

Les Art Décoratifs - Paris - March 11th / June 14th 2015

Curated by Barnaba Fornasetti

100 anni di follia pratica

Triennale Museum, Milan

On the occasion of the centenary of Piero Fornasetti’s birth, the Triennale Design Museum presents a first grand and unprecedented exhibition of the artist’s work, curated by Barnaba Fornasetti

Triennale Design Museum chose to pay tribute to Fornasetti to underscore the artist’s role and propose a new and more correct reading of his work in the context of the critical and theoretical debate on ornament as a structural element of project.

Painter, engraver and printer, designer, collector, stylist, refined craftsman, art gallery manager and exhibition promoter, Fornasetti has been an extremely rich and complex personality. He designed and made approximately 13.000 objects and decorations. His world is animated by the rigour of project, of art and craftsmanship, but also by unbridled fantasy, surrealist invention and poetry.

The exhibition’s path walks through the artist’s start as a painter in the spirit of Novecento, his artist’s books printing workshop, his tight collaboration with Gio Ponti in the 1950s and 1060s and the harder 1970s until 1988, the year of Fornasetti’s death, and covers a long period overawed on the whole by the ruling rationalist dogma of functionality in architecture and design, which confined Fornasetti to a marginal role, but still could not stifle his volcanic creativity.

The exhibition includes more than 1000 pieces, mostly from the extraordinary Fornasetti archive in Milan, curated by Barnaba Fornasetti, who still carries on his father’s work.

Triennale Design Museum - Milan - November 13th / February 9th 2013/2014

Curated by Barnaba Fornasetti


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