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A book whose origins lie in a hand-printed work and a retrospective graphic approach. In rediscovering the sensuality of materials, the human variable generates uniqueness, an eclectic privilege in the midst of the digital age.
To make a book like this, in this day and age, felt essential to me, perhaps partly on account of my paternal heritage: my father’s passion for graphic design, the basis of his work, where the same matrix can be printed many times on many different materials, variation after variation. In nite, obsessive, brilliant. Echoing a practice dating from the fteenth century, today sees the birth of a publication designed and executed collectively, created by people from Milanese ateliers working on experimental research projects where traditional graphic design and new digital techniques go hand in hand. Barnaba Fornasetti


Between art and artisanship

Fornasetti celebrates its icon by dedicating her an artist's book. Made entirely by hand, it contains the first 100 illustrations from the "Tema e Variazioni" series by Piero Fornasetti. The original brass matrices, engraved using the vintage technique of etching, have been printed on cotton paper using a chalcographic press. The result is a unique book in a limited edition.

Refined excellence

Fornasetti has decided to work with experts who represent the epitome of Italian craftsmanship. The classic etching process was "corrupted" and rewritten through a combination of manual and digital processing. The handmade binding, is made using the “long stitch” technique, a method employed since the High Middle Age. The text has been printed in letterpress. to deliver a distinctively rich tactile experience on each page.

The substance of form

This is a unique volume, where each cover, made from fine fabric, bears the original brass matrix used to print one of the variations featured in the book. The volume itself is encased in a leather and velvet clamshell; its larger format proves to be the perfect frame to hold the graphic detail in its original form.


The volume contains the first one hundred illustrations from the Tema e Variazioni series by Piero Fornasetti. Curated by Barnaba Fornasetti and Valeria Manzi. Texts by Barnaba Fornasetti, Gio Ponti, Alberto Manguel and Glenn O’Brien.
Sizes: 41 x 36 x 7 cm The brass matrices are prepared with UV coating, etched and printed with a chalcographic press by Atelier A14 on white 100% cotton Hahnemühle 300 gsm paper. The texts are composed in monotype using Garamond 10 pt, 14 pt and 36 pt and printed in letterpress by Tipografia Rodolfo Campi on black Arjowiggins Curious Skin 135 gsm paper. The book is handbound using the ‘long stitch binding’ method, with white and red linen thread on a slotted spine by Cristina Balbiano d’Aramengo. Handmade book cover in canvas produced by Legatoria De Stefanis. Leather and velvet clamshell designed and produced by Giovanni Còdina Srl. Designed by Pomo. The brass matrix on the cover was used to print this book and the number of each copy corresponds to the number of the illustration etched on the matrix. Printed and bound in Italy. Milan, April 2016 ISBN 9788894162905 Published by Fornasetti Video written, directed and produced by POMO Video editing and photography by Davide Calafà Music by Cesare Picco Photos by Davide Calafà Still life photos by Andrea Boscardin WANT TO KNOW MORE? Please write to