C’est la revolution! The naiveté of Marianne, child of the French Revolution, inspired a new Fornasetti decor. Her stern stare will capture the hearts of French conoisseurs, in view of the upcoming exposition.


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Piero Fornasetti’s miniatures exhibited in Milan

25 October 2017

In the Sixties Piero Fornasetti created many scale models of his pieces of furniture to save space in his showroom. Soon they became precious collector’s items.
From October 25th 2017 to January 7th 2018, the miniatures of the trumeau “Architettura” and the chair “Sole” are showcased in Milan at Villa Necchi Campiglio on the occasion of the exhibition In Miniatura.
Photo: Foto Guido Taroni (2017) © FAI – Fondo Ambiente Italiano

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