The house

The Fornasetti family home is an extraordinary testament to the creativity of Piero Fornasetti. The house can be found in the Città Studi area of Milan and was built by Piero’s parents in the 19th century. Like a labyrinth, the house is made up of a complex and intricate network of rooms and corridors.

The family home became a canvas for Piero’s fervent creativity and over the course of the many years he lived here the rooms of the Milanese villa became decorated with his art. There is no better, certainly no richer, example of the Fornasetti aesthetic.

The home became a testbed for Fornasetti’s work with colour and motif: unique designs, original furniture, found objects and inspirations fill the rooms. Piero’s home became a living archive of his style – the result is an intoxicating, magical experience. The house remains the Fornasetti family home and has been maintained and developed by Piero’s son, Barnaba Fornasetti.

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