Piero Fornasetti


  • 1913 Piero Fornasetti is born in Milan, Italy.
  • 1930 Piero entered Brera Academy to study drawing.
  • 1932 Expelled from Brera for insubordination.
  • 1933 First artwork shown as part of a student exhibition at Milano University. Also this year, a series of scarves in printed silk was proposed to the Milan Triennale but was rejected. It was during this occasion that Piero’s work was noted by Gio Ponti.
  • 1935 At the sixth Triennale in Milan, Piero exhibited, among other things, a decorative bronze and ceramic frieze in an archaic style.
  • 1940 Piero met Gio Ponti and went on to design ‘The Lunar’ illustrated Calendar book for him.
  • 1942 Created frescoes for the Palazzo Bo in Padova.
  • 1943-1946 Went into exile in Switzerland.
  • 1947 Exhibited a series of motifs for ceramics at the Triennale (commissioned again by Gio Ponti).
  • 1950 Decorated the interior of the San Remo Casino.
  • 1951 Completed the first example of a complete interior for the Casa Lucano in collaboration with Gio Ponti. Exhibited his ‘Architettura’ furniture during the Ninth Triennale. Created the ‘Palladiana’ chest of drawers.
  • 1952 Took part in the interior decoration of the Andrea Doria ocean liner, designing the first class areas.
  • 1955-1958 Created the Stanza Metafisica; thirty-two decorative panels that could be arranged into an interior environment.
  • 1970 Founded the Bibliofili Gallery in Milan with several friends.
  • 1979 Death of Gio Ponti.
  • 1980 Design store Themes and Variations opens in London, reviving interest in Fornasetti’s work.
  • Early 1987 Piero’s first book project is in collaboration with Patrick Mauriès and illustrates his collected works.
  • 1988 Death of Piero Fornasetti in Milan, during minor hospital treatment.
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