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Mr Fornasetti's odd Christmas

news-christmas 2012

What made it special to his own eyes, was a memory he cherished inside, he didn’t know whether it really belonged to him or, like a recurring dream, had become part of his life.

A big room where small people were busy working, cutting-out, sewing, drawing, following the rhythm of the big pendulum – at each tick of the clock the image enriched itself with magic and the white walls told stories never heard before. It was Christmas night, nobody was out in the streets, he didn’t know where he was but at this point, he never ever would have moved. Like a transparent giant, he could peek from above at what was happening and record with his eyes a world where the given gift had no substance, but just reflected the world, the beauty of the moment of giving, the wonder left in the air by children entering the room, the amazement that seemed lost revived on their small faces. He remembered remaining hung from the ceiling until the last embers extinguished.

Many years went by, when one morning, the sun still down, he saw from his room window the vendors, arrived the night before from every corner of the earth, being banished – man was naked of everything unnecessary.

Passarono molti anni , quando ,una mattina, il sole ancora basso, vide dalla finestra della sua camera che i mercanti giunti la sera prima da ogni angolo della terra venivano cacciati via, l’uomo era nudo di tutto quel che non serviva.

Valeria Manzi, Barnaba Fornasetti

Fornasetti @ KAMA Sesso e Design

news kama 12-2012

Triennale Design Museum presents KAMA. Sesso e Design, an exhibition that investigate the relationship between eros and design.

Sesso e Design
tuesday 4th december 2012, 7pm
Triennale di Milano
viale Alemagna 6, Milan

from 5th december 2012 to 10th march 2013
tuesday to sunday 10.30am to 8.30pm
thursday from 10.30am to 11pm

Admission over 18 only

Ensemble Silete Venti @ Fornasetti Store

Simone Toni maestro di concerto and solo oboe is pleased to invite you to the rehearsals for the concert:

Anotonio Vivaldi e l’Angelo di avorio
thursday 15th november 2012
from 2pm to 7pm
Fornasetti Store Milano
Corso G. Matteotti 1/A
20121 Milan
T +39 02 896 580 40

The concert will be:
friday 16th november 2012
at 9pm
Chiesa di San Giuseppe Lavoratore
via Blatta 30
Chivasso (TO)

Autoritratto di un centenario

news autoritratto 10-21012

Fornasetti is delighted to invite you to the exhibition ‘Autoritratto di un centenario’ drawings and prints by Piero Fornasetti. During this exhibition we will present the 2013 calendar plate, celebrative of the centenary of Piero Fornasetti’s birth.

Fornasetti Store Milano
10th November from 10am to 7pm
Corso G. Matteotti 1/A
20121 Milan
T +39 02 896 580 40

The exhibition will be open until 9th february 2013.

Fornasetti on auction at Christie's

ITnews christies cover

A special selection of Fornasetti furniture will be on auction at

Christie’s London
20th Century Decorative Art & Design
Tuesday 23rd October 2012